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Filù Hats featured in Four Seasons Magazine An elegant straw hat is a classic accessory for a beach ensemble. This handmade style with frayed edges by Filù Hats is perfect for…

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Vanity Fair calls our Filù Hats a “godsend” If, despite all your efforts, wisps of voluminous bouncy hair are still blowing in your face, invest in an oversize hat and…

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Featured in Vogue

Featured in The Vault Magazine Online

Haven’t we all dreamt of spending the summer racing down Route 66, taking in hundreds of new sights and cities…

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Featured in’s The Cut, June 2013 The Chicest $20 Million Guide to ‘Summering’ Ever! By Stella Bugbee and Kurt Soller Now that July is nearly here and we’ve passed…

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July-August Issue of Marie Claire France “Mauritius”, “Bali”, “Lanzarote”, “Galapagos”, “Etna”:  without ever leaving the world’s oldest working hat factory (est. 1755), Anne Hamro, designer of Filùhats, takes us on…

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American, May 2013 The Social Shopper: Wide-Brimmed Hats It’s providence may be the sandy beach, but the wide-brimmed straw hat has finally found its way onto the city streets.…

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Harper’s Bazaar UK April 2013